marks the launch of USA TODAY Money’s USA & Main, a place for entrepreneurs, small business owners, founders and creators.

The new site will also provide readers with the chance to learn more about topics like franchises, profitable gigs and side hustles, tech hacks that will help them operate more efficiently, and how to secure financing and grow sales.

A company that some call the digital version of Costco. Just five years ago he was operating from his parents’ New Jersey garage after quitting a lucrative job. Today the company has about $150 million in annual revenue.

“Small businesses and startups are vital to the economic growth of the U.S. They provide jobs, create new products and provide services that it would be hard to dream of living without,” said Philana Patterson, Money editor at USA TODAY.

Whether a company’s “Main Street” is a storefront, a co-working space, a small office or factory, a warehouse or a corner of a dining room table, USA & Main has the advice, answers and motivation you need to ‘go for it.

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