If you typically run out of things to do by August, season passes to your favorite theme park might be a good way to keep the whole family entertained all summer.

If you’re worried about getting a good deal, you need to consider all the angles. Here are five questions to ask yourself before you decide if theme park season passes are worth it.


If you make several trips to your favorite theme park every year, season passes could easily pay for themselves.Larger theme parks like Disneyland may charge much more, with certain passes approaching or even exceeding $1,000. Again, weigh the price of a single visit against the cost of season passes. If you plan to go several times, it could be worth the expense.

The cost of season passes is only the beginning. There are many other additional expenses, including parking fees, concessions, games, and travel costs, that you might incur.

Many theme parks offer discounts to locals, veterans or military members, and certain employers or organizations. For instance, Southern California residents get special offers for Disneyland trips. You should check for available discounts – both on season passes and single tickets – before you decide which one makes sense for you.

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