1. Develop a habit of keeping oneself free from the loan, Debt as much as possible.
  • This type of crisis creates huge problems for those who had taken home loans, vehicle loans, personal loans, etc.
  • Debtors are worst affected by corona.
  • Banks /finance companies are laying hefty penalty.
  • It is very difficult to pay installments in such a crisis where a person is struggling for each and every food grain.
  • Loan indicates lo-na

2. One should have at least 6 months savings for such type of crisis.

3     Businesspersons should have at least three months saving excluding household expenses for salary    of Employees.

  • It is moral duty of Businesspersons to give safety to employees as much as they can so that they do not get dishearten suddenly

5 Do not leave one idle. Empty mind is devil’s home.

4 Keep mind stable by doing regular meditation . Meditation is spiritual quarantine.

5 Keep in touch with the people having positive approach.

6 Always get ready to change.

  • Come out of comfort zone like some teachers are not comfortable with online teaching methodology but they have to teach online for their goodness.

7 Increase tolerance and cooperation power to maintain good atmosphere of home.

8 Keep oneself healthy by physical exercise to increase immunity power.

9 Do not break ones routine in such kind of crisis.

10 Do not read or listen to much information about that particular crisis as it disturbs us and creates negative vibes at those places.

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